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1910 Iver Johnson Track Bike

Today we take a look at a bike from Steve’s personal collection, A 1910 Iver Johnson track bike. The bike was built in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. For 100+ years old, the bike is all original, including the seat, tires, and wood rims which are still true. The bike was raced at the Newark Velodrome, which opened in 1907, it was closed and demolished in 1930.  Photos were taken by Alan Sikiric.

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  1. This bike is more than likely 1921-1932. The badge is 1921 or later and Chrome was used in the early thirties (where this still appears to be Nickel plating) What’s the serial number? My 1915 is 26X,XXX. I’d bet this is somewhere in the mid 300,000.

      • There were subtle changes over the production of these bikes, but the Serial number is usually the best way to find the approximate year. Early bikes had serial numbers on the bottom bracket shell ( I believe up to 1910) while later bikes had the serial on the right side of the top of the seat tube. The Badge is Gold Plated which is pretty sweet.

    • I fail to see the difference between this head badge and previous ones. Is there something you see that I am missing? Please enlighten me.

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