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Winter is Here, is it time for a fat bike?

Many who enter our shop have probably seen my maroon Surly Pugsley fat bike, its tires are massive. The idea of the fat bike has been around for quite a long time, and they have been custom made for quite some time. The brand Surly became the first to mass produce these bikes. They are designed around their 4-5″ tires and have the ability to roll over anything including snow and sand. Fat bikes are not only made for the tough winters, they are by all means a great mountain bike that can be used all year round. If your looking to have fun all year round and embrace that inner child in you, then you will definitely want a fat bike. Many Ski resorts now have dedicated trail systems for fat biking, and it also a fantastic way to stay in shape over the umm….bulking season. According to my own personal experience and this Men’s Health article you can expect to burn up to 1,500 calories an hour. (yeah it’s that good!)

Ride them in the woods, street, sand and snow.

We Carry Several Brands:

Surly – The original fat bike brand made of light weight steel.

Heller –  Affordable carbon fiber fat bikes with or without suspension.

KHS – The 4 Season comes in several different models featuring aluminum and space age carbon fiber.

Origin 8 –  Aluminum fat bikes

Sun – Offers a cruiser version for both men and women, great for riding around the shore and on the beach.


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