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Bike Shop Talk : Tires

What tires do we like and why?

Currently our favorite tires come from Maxxis and Michelin. Steve rides the Maxxis Refuse as a training tire on his road bike. In a grand scheme of $80-90 high performance tires, the refuse is affordable at $50. It offers great puncture protection, low rolling Resistance and great grip with its diamond/slick tread perfect for any unexpected weather conditions. we currently have a pair in stock.

I’m currently riding Michelin tires on my mountain bike, I’m using the Wild Grip’r 2. Michelin has been a company that has had a long history in making performance tires , so it’s a clear choice. The Wild Grip’r 2 is light weight with a Kevlar bead, and is tubeless ready. It comes in various widths in sizes 26″, 27.5″, and 29″. Both Maxxis and Michelin make high performance tires for recreation, mountain and road bike use.

Other brands we recommend for performance and price:





Tires to avoid?

I know many people will call blasphemy on me when I say Continental Gator Skins, and 4 Seasons. Here are my reasons, those cool looking sidewalls on the tire are very weak and have a high rate of premature failure. Many people will say oh, but that hasn’t happened to me, I’m sure it doesn’t happen often. That was my same thought last season as the roads became chipped and gritty after winter. With a new set of Continental 4 Season tires I  descended a smooth road at around 35 miles and hour. At the end of the decent the side wall on the front tire blew out! The tires had about 60 miles on them. Let me be clear, Continental makes some great, fast, and grippy tires and I have ridden and had success with many of their tires, but the design of the sidewalls on the Gator Skins and 4 Seasons are an issue at $80 a tire I would avoid them, wait for the redesign. Look at suitable replacements from Maxxis, Michelin, Vittoria, or other models from Continental for similar flat protection.

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