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My December Mountain Bike Trip in AZ

I had the opportunity to take a trip out to the Phoneix/Scottsdale Arizona in December, besides the great weather, the warm sun, hiking, and shooting machine guns, I got into some great mountain biking. I knew going when making my travel plans I would have to ride some trails out there, I found a great place online Cactus Adventures. I can’t say enough great things about my experience with them. My biggest mistake was forgetting the mounting screw for my GoPro.

Map of the trail system and gallery below.


Cactus Adventure Trailer at The Arizona Grand Resort

I arrived at the Arizona Grand Resort hotel (near South Mountain) where Jenny and Brian were waiting for me on the property with a trailer containing their rental fleet. My rental was a Kona Process 134 that was nimble, well maintained, well suited and set up for my liking. Brian my tour guide, he rode his 2015 KHS 6500, being a KHS dealer ourselves, I quickly identified the model. We started slow with some simple cross country riding, after 20 minutes we decided to pick it up, the general pace increased as well as the need for the full suspension setup. It was a beautiful sunny day out with the temperature around 55 in the morning, peaking to 75 degrees by the time we finished. The trail was fantastic from the views to the smooth and varying degrees of difficulty. I would call many of the trails I rode intermediate with a good amount of climbing and fast technical descents. My personal bike is a modified 2015 KHS Tuscon 29er, a great cross country race hard tail platform, the Kona’s smaller wheels helped a lot on the more technical trail. The Kona process 134’s wider 27.5 tires, dual suspension soaked up everything, inspired confidence and climbed better then I first expected.

Brian was a great guide and pointed out some of the interesting wild life, vegetation and some historical points such as the small stone buildings built during the Great Depression by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps. Lucky for me many of the poisonous snakes are in a semi hibernation state, meaning they are less active. The other wildlife to watch out for are the javelinas, (I did not see any) they are these small pig looking creatures, that alone seems harmless, but they travel in packs, weigh up to 40-80lbs, can get aggressive and have quite the set of teeth. Brian told me on rare occasions they can do some damage to humans and can be a threat to those walking their dogs on the trail. (I did run into a coyote but that was later at night on the property of the hotel, not actually a big threat to humans)

The trail system we rode was in Pima Canyon, Phoenix, AZ. We finished around 4 hours and 25-30 miles later. The tour can be suited to your experience level. For anyone really looking for a challenge the National Trail is also located in Pima Canyon, this trail can be difficult to climb and descend, many top athletes can be found riding here.

Everything highlighted in yellow is what I rode on the trail

If you have any questions on getting started in Mountain biking, purchasing a bike for different types of trails or have any questions please email me.

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