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Why you do I need to wear a helmet?


Free Agent Bmx Helmets in stock 6/8/18

While Car technology has been improving drastically over the past decade, the increase in distracted driving and general shape of roads in Hudson County pose an increased risk to cyclists. Bicycle deaths and injuries are on the rise in NJ, and more often they are not always due to motor vehicles. In New Jersey riders under 17 are legally required to wear a helmet.

Why Should I wear a bike helmet?

While many think of bicycle helmets as dorky, plain and simply they will save your life and drastically reduce injuries. For a standard recreational bicycle helmet a customer should expect to pay anywhere from $35-$75. All bicycle helmets should be certified by the CPSC (The Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Certified vs. Non Certified Helmets

Why Pay more for a bicycle helmet?

You might ask: Why are some bicycle helmets more expensive? While all Bicycle Helmets by U.S. Law must meet the guidelines of the CPSC, many companies will add their own features to a helmet to increase safety and comfort. Some road bike helmets will be lighter, feature more vents, increased comfort, and will have features such as a roll cage built into the helmet (this feature allows the helmet to prevent splitting upon impact, thus helping to protect a rider with multiple impacts during a fall). With a hard fall a helmet will split in half to take the impact.

What do we recommend?


We sell many brands we often stock Kali mountain bike helmets, Free Agent BMX helmets, and Lazer Helmets. I personally recommend Lazer Helmets, having been in two bad accidents I can say without a doubt my Lazer 02 Helmet saved me from serious injury, and the second injury, death.

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