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HED Ardennes SL Tubeless Wheel Set

HED Ardennes SL Wheel Set

HED Ardennes SL Wheel Set

First off for this review of these lightweight and fast wheels; let’s start with that this has been the first season without one flat. Tubeless technology is amazing and has so many Pros to conventional tubes and tubular tires. Tubeless really came to be in the mountain biking world, a tire you can run low pressure for extra grip in wetter conditions with risking a pinch flat.


The list of manufacturers making tubeless road ready rims has been growing in the past year. The HED Ardennes SL tubeless wheel set is a true performer from an American made and family owned business. Lightweight the set comes in at around 1,390 depending on the build you choose (they will build them to your specifications). There is a plus version that features a wider rim for a fatter tire, fatter tire = more contact=more grip. There are also two choices for hub builds, the stallion build 20/28 hub drilling for heavier riders (200lbs+) and the standard hub drilling 18/24.

For my set I went with the lighter rim and 18/24 hub drilling. The rear cassette is available for Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo.

These wheels ride phenomenal under my 185 lb body, no issues with the Sapim bladed spokes and the tubeless tires inspire confidence, having made flats a thing of the past. The wheels are stiff with little flex, the hubs roll super smooth and that carbon shell front hub looks pretty good too. I highly recommend these wheels over everything I have previously ridden. Currently I am using Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik tires a great choice for going tubeless.

Remember we are your local HED Wheels Dealer!

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