Classic Bike History

Vintage Cinelli Road Bike Restoration

Born in Milan Italy, restored in Bayonne, NJ.

Cinelli Road Bike Restoration

Cinelli Road Bike Restoration

Check out this Vintage Cinelli Road Bike we just restored. This bike came to us in very bad shape, in fact this old Italian road bike was so badly rusted we were unsure that it could be saved. We first had the bike bead blasted and primed. After that, the frame appeared to be in better shape than we originally thought. We filled in some of the pitting on the top and lower tubes and repainted the frame and fork in a beautiful silver. We restored this bike using many original cleaned/restored parts.


Campagnolo Gran Sport Derailleur

One of the great pieces on this bike is one of Campagnolo’s first production rear derailleurs a Gran sport derailleur. We rebuilt the Weinmann Center pull brakes with new pivot bolts after the originals had been badly damaged from corrosion.

We built up a new set of wheels for this bike with period correct rims and hubs. We used high flange Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hubs and Ambrosio NOS rims.

The bike was completed with an Ambrosio Bar and stem wrapped in NOS Cinelli Tape and plugs. For the full finish we fitted this Cinelli with a well worn Brooks Saddle and Campagnolo seatpost. Like all bikes we have built we really enjoyed this Italian classic road bike. Please enjoy the full gallery below.

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  1. Nice Job on the Cinelli. I rode with a guy from San Francisco a couple of years ago at the Eroica California event and this bike looks a lot like the one he had. I rode my 1972 Windsor Pro and the two were a great pair! We both had the factory jerseys for our bikes. Fun bikes! Joe

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