Classic Bike History

1980 Red Schwinn Sting build

Check this awesome 1980 Red Schwinn Sting we just finished up. This schwinn Sting frame started life out as a chrome model. After being damaged, we welded the seat mast back together (a commonly damaged area on Schwinn Stings, due to raising the seat post too high, which in turn puts leverage on the thin lightweight tubing)

Rechroming is often an expensive process. New rules on chromium put into effect by the EPA in 2012 have added to that expense. The owner of this Schwinn Sting decided to go forward with the more affordable option of powdercoating. The result is a brilliant bright finish which is more scratch resistant than paint.

The bike was finished in a mix of gold bmx parts, enjoy the gallery and let us know what you think.

Check out the Chrome Schwinn Sting we also restored and a Black version

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  1. Nice bike, I have a Sting myself that I still race 38 years later….but ya shoulda put black tires on it….colored tires are horrible looking…

  2. Great bike, have a 1980 Sting myself…and am still racing it today….one thing, you should have put black tires on it…colored tires are HORRIBLE looking, and the mark of a beginner…

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